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Accompanying and supporting CFOs in Company’s ongoing operations

The position of a Company’s CFO and other financial positions is usually characterized by high complexity and multiplicity of tasks.

Our goal is to facilitate and to support them the financial staff by providing tools relevant for foreign currency activity and interest rates in the company.

Our professional service to the financial staff is highly beneficial to the organization.

Saving valuable time and money in recruiting and training professional personnel

Providing efficient and simple solutions to a range of financial issues

Providing professional solutions and strategies for financial exposures and complex financial problems

Assisting and consulting finance personnel in presenting the Company’s financial matters to Management and to the Board of Directors.


Cash flow hedge

Cash flow risk is hedged in order to reduce the risk to future cash flows. Cash flow hedging relates to current/future exposure of cash flows in different currencies that may pose a risk to the company because of changes in exchange rates


Professional Assistance and advice to managers in solving complex financial dilemmas

We are at the disposal of the Company's finance personnel facing dilemmas with several interfaces: shareholders, board of directors, crucial and significant financial decisions, and more

A solution to complex financial dilemmas faced by financial managers may be a challenging process at times, yet in other cases, it is certainly possible to provide creative and simple solutions to complex problems. These solutions are given by weighing a number of components - a broad and overall outlook of the state of the economy, future forecasts, and in-depth analysis, based on the most advanced systems in the market.

In addition, complex dilemmas can often be solved by our professional team who thinks “out of the box”, using creativity and revolutionizing the prevailing traditional thinking


Hedging instruments

A wide range of hedging transactions are available for protecting against currency fluctuations. It is very important to choose the hedging instrument that suits your company. The considerations for choosing a hedging instrument focus primarily on the performance of the instrument, and the ability of the company to manage it, and monitor the changes that occur during the period it is implemented.

At Protective, we monitor, test, and update hedging instruments, adapting the company’s position to the exposure it wishes to hedge.

Consultation for raising capital and hedging credit


In the life of every business, there are various stages when it needs credit in order to grow and develop, invest in new equipment, expand its clientele, or deal with various crises. Protective offers consulting for raising external financing; constructing the structure of a company’s credit portfolio; adapting debt raising to the company’s operations and expected cash flow; and accompanying the company closely in its contact with the banking system during negotiations, until the actual loans are taken.