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Owner and CEO

Vered Itzhaki, CEO, is an expert in the field of foreign currency hedging and interest, in analyzing and managing financial exposures and in building business models with over 20 years of experience.  Vered has held a number of senior positions in top companies including acting as CEO of a company in the field of hedging exposures. Vered is an active Board member in publicly traded companies and large government corporations, including the Israel Electric Corporation, Rafael, NTA - Light Rail, Big etc.

Vered has a unique expertise in providing opinions on financial exposure to private and public companies, writing position papers, advising on solutions for financial dilemmas on both the balance sheet-accounting level and the cash flow-operating level, and assisting in the preparations for financial reporting in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Furthermore, Vered's vast experience as a director serves her in representing her clients in board meetings and in finance committees and management discussions.



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Foreign Currency Dealer & Risk manager

Responsible for financial transactions, activity with dealing rooms and financial organizations. An expert in managing positions, hedging exposure, implementing financial instruments for foreign currencies and interest rate, as well as the identification and examination of the financial cash flow and accounting exposures

 for large companies in the Israeli economy.

holds a BA in Economics and Business Administration with a specialization in Expanded Finance and Information System, College of Management.

2015-2016 Customer Relations Manager, Excellence nessuah brokerage services  

2013-2015 Economist, Israel Ministry of Finance



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Foreign Currency Dealer & Risk manager

10 years of experience in the financial field. Executing transactions with dealing rooms of banks and financial institutions. Chief analyst in identification and examination of financial exposures in companies in terms of cash flow and accounting. Holds a BA in Marketing and a Master's degree in Business management specializing in finance. Worked for 4.5 years at Leumi Card as a client manager. Traded stocks and ETFs in the American stock exchange. An expert in technical analysis, knowledgeable and understanding of processes and trend changes in the market.



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An independent consultant in the field of valuations and business plans; Building business and financial models (including crypto-currency); accompaniment for companies; economic opinions for the courts; consulting to companies during the process of raising capital, mergers and acquisitions.

In addition, Yogev has held various positions in the capital market, including 14 years in securities analysis, managing the research departments of the Analyst IMS Investment Management Services Ltd., Migdal Capital Markets Ltd., and Ilanot Discount investment houses. Yogev holds a BA in Economics and Management, and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.