Protective Financial Consulting Ltd specializes in preparing and implementing financial strategies in order to hedge foreign currency exposures, interest rates, indices, commodities, Valuation of models and economic analyzes.

The company provides top professional, comprehensive and creative consulting solutions and
financial strategies, both tailored to the client's needs and objectives, in terms of cash flow and

accounting. The Company has unique expertise in the construction of economic-financial models for valuation of currency (utility value) for its issuing customers.

Our clients are leading importers and exporters, as well as companies in business processes for improvement and capital raising.

"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today" 

 H. Jackson Brown, Jr


Protective Financial consulting  


We professionally manage the financial challenges our clients’ Company faces in a well-balanced and comprehensive manner, tailor made to its needs and objectives, with our expert's experience, creative thinking, reliability, dedication and accuracy both in terms of cash flow and accounting. Our clients are Iocal and international public and privately-owned companies.

Exposure detection
and management

Detection of cash flow and accounting exposure, building a hedging policy and managing financial risks

Financial consulting

Accompanying and supporting CFOs in company's financial activity

Transaction execution


execution of a wide range of complex financial transactions

Economic consulting desk and investment banking

he service is provided to businesses and companies in the framework of mergers and acquisitions, in the framework of partnerships and associations, as well as in the framework of public offerings and fundraising





Economic consulting desk and investment banking

Our firm accompanies and provides valuations, models and economic analyzes, providing expert opinion and full guidance in making economic decisions. The service is provided to businesses and companies in the framework of mergers and acquisitions, both in partnership and association activities and in public offerings and fund-raising activities.


           "Global finance review"    

                     september 2018  

          "Foreign currency review"      

                                      july 2018

        "Brexit- Not over yet" 

    March 2018


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